At some point of time we all wonder how Bollywood actors speak English fluently.

Bollywood employs people from throughout India. It attracts thousands of youths who come with a dream of becoming Bollywood stars in this industry. Models, television actors, stage actors, and ordinary people come to Mumbai with the hope of becoming a star.

Not everyone comes to this cinema world with proper schooling, education, and other conversation and soft skills. But considering this famous and expanding movie market which is growing day-by-day, no single Bollywood star can confine himself to a regional language which he feels comfortable to converse in.

In reality, these Bollywood superstars and coming superstars must learn the language that most of them around him use. This will help them to expand their fan followers as it will help them to deliver things clearly and effectively because we Indians have a mentality of getting impressed with a person who speaks English fluently.

You learn something only because you feel it will help you at some point of time. That's the case with everyone, be it Bollywood superstars or an engineering graduate!

You are reading this blog. It means that you also want to learn English speaking quickly. Here I am telling you the Golden Thumb rule by which Bollywood actors learn spoken English quickly and efficiently.

“Speaking, Thinking, Practicing & Checking”

1) Speak the language aloud

When we read the content loud, our brain analyses the information as speech and activates our speaking abilities. It is a good practice to read the text aloud every day for some time. Not necessarily, in front of someone. You can speak loudly in front of the mirror also which will improve your pronunciation and remove your hesitation.

2) Think in the target language

When we start learning English speaking we have a tendency to think sentences in our native language and then we convert it into English before finally speaking it out. Adding mental translation leads to errors like pauses and Hindi fillers in speaking. It is important for a speaker to think in the target language without any translations. Thinking in English will save your time of mental translation and will increase your confidence in speaking English in front of others.


3) Speak in the language whenever possible

Every language has its own set of sounds that makes the pronunciation of words and sounds in that language very different from the way we speak in our native language. To master these variations in sounds and speech, one needs the immense practice of the correctly pronounced sounds. You can listen to native speakers and notice the way they speak to know the correct pronunciation of words. Try to speak in English whenever you get time to improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, and confidence over English speaking.

4) Never repeat this mistake

There's a misconception that while speaking English, a person needs to just speak in the language, without any stress on proper pronunciation or grammar rules. This, in reality, forms a bad habit of speaking incorrect English. The right way is to train the speakers on basic grammar skills and guide them to create simple sentences using appropriate grammar.

A common saying is that “it’s not about what you say; it’s about how you say.”, especially public speaking, where we have to show emphasis on our words and invoke strong emotions among the audience. There are many exercises that can be practiced regularly to improve expression, some of which are discussed here.

5) Exercises on Increasing Expression

  1. Train your ears by listening more and more English.
  2. Train your mouth by speaking more and more English.
  3. Talk over the phone in English
  4. Don't fear of mistakes.
  5. Learn grammar rules to improve English.

Hope you enjoyed these exercises and you will practice these exercises in your day-to-day life to speak English fluently. As you know “ Nothing is impossible” Believe me these tips are proven to improve English speaking and if you will practice these tips regularly you will learn speaking English fluently very quickly and efficiently.

Start practicing them now.

Happy Learning!

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Shilpa Shrivastav , Teacher

I am a teacher and writer, authors in-depth guides of language, technology and art of living. In my former life, I worked as developer having 5 years of corporate experience. I have a great passion for writing and teaching.

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