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Coronavirus is a dangerous virus that has not been treated yet and it has been sprayed over maximum countries. “Prevention of any disease is the biggest solution to cure your self”. In this post, I am sharing some useful information about Coronavirus and also share about the prevention of Coronavirus. Please read this post carefully and try to be safe your self.

prevention of corona virus

About Coronavirus – COVID-19

  1. The coronavirus is large in size, which is 400–500 microns in size, so it also stops with the normal mask, so no special mask is needed for this.

  2. This virus does not float in the air but stays alive on the ground, it stays alive for 12 hours on any kind of metal, so keep washing your hands with soap!

  3. Corona alive in clothes for 9 hours, so wash the clothes daily and dry them in the sun, soak for 2 hours.

  4. It stays alive for 10 minutes on hands, then use alcohol sanitizer.

  5. It cannot withstand a temperature of more than 26-27℃, so go in the sun and gargle with hot water, it will die in the mouth, and will not go into the lungs.

  6. Do not eat cold things, like ice cream, cold water, etc.

Prevention list of Coronavirus

  1. Use your elbows, shoulders instead of hands to open and close doors

  2. Say Hello, Do not handshake.

  3. Do not touch your nose, eyes, and mouth with your hand (you take your hand to your mouth about 100 x times a day).

  4. Take a bottle of sanitizer containing more than 70% alcohol in your pocket. Clean hands whenever you touch something.

  5. Wear a mask not to avoid the virus, but to prevent you from touching your mouth.

  6. This virus will not be in the air. Rather special and peeling will be in his splatter. Use disposable tissue if you are coughing.

  7. If someone is coughing, stay away from it.

  8. This virus affects your lung cells only. Therefore, it will go through your hand only through your nose or mouth into the lungs or if a person coughs or sneaks directly on your nose or mouth.

  9. Take zinc lozenges and when there is something strange in the throat or lungs, then lie on the back and suck it in the back of the mouth..

  10. Do not let your throat dry. Keep sipping of water every 10/15 minutes.

  11. To know whether you have coronavirus – take deep breaths and hold breath for 10 seconds. If you do not have a cough, there is no heaviness in the chest, there is no discomfort, then understand that you do not have a corona. Check daily!.


Keep in mind these prevention of coronavirus, Please share this useful information with your friends and family to save yourself! Thanks,

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