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  • There is no maximum limit of your earning as we know sky is not the limit.

    You can maximize your earning day and night. Your blogs will be paying you even when you are not writing and enjoying quality time with your friends and family.
  • How it works?

    When you submit the blog if it is selected by our team to publish on our site, 1000 reward points will be credited to your J4U-Wallet. When the blog is published you can share your blog with your friends, family and relatives to increase the number of views. Once the count of generic views of your blog reaches 1000 you will again earn 1000 reward points and now your blog is qualifed to earn money for you to your Bank or Paytm account. Every 1000 views will earn you 1000 reward points.

    10 reward points = 1 INR.
    * 1 Generic View = 1 Unique view with minimum of 1 minute view time.

  • To make you understand it clearly, Have a look into this.

    Blog Published1000 Points
    1000 Views1000 Points
    Now your blog is qualifed to earn money for you.
    5 Blogs with 1000 Views(5 X 1000 Points) + (5 X 1000 Points) = 10000 Points
    10 Blogs with 1000 Views(10 X 1000 Points) + (10 X 1000 Points) = 20000 Points
    10 Blogs with 2000 Views(10 X 1000 Points) + (10 X 2 X 1000 Points) = 30000 Points
    10 Blogs with 10000 Views(10 X 1000 Points) + (10 X 10 X 1000 Points) = 110000 Points = ₹11000
    And the list goes on……………

  • Every 20th of the month, your earned points will be credited to your Paytm or Bank account automatically. The minimum payment value to transfer in your account is Rs 1000.
  • Have you seen how your earning will increase day by day with zero monetary investment and you can cashify your reward points to your Paytm account once it reaches 10000 reward points.

    Are you feeling excited to Write and Earn ?

    Hurry up ! Start blogging now !

**You can use Google Docs to write your blogs...