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Here are some key points that you should keep in mind before writing your blog.

  • 1) Target your audience : Before writing your blog , You should know who is going to be your audience and the blog should be written according to their interest.
  • 2) Identify Topic : Decide topic of your blog the topic should be based on your interest and knowledge.
  • 3) Frame Title : Create Title that should be eye-catchy , interesting , expressive and justifying your blog so that reader become curious to read your blog.
  • 4) Interesting Intro : The introduction of the blog should be interesting so that it can grab the attention of the readers and they read your blog . If the readers lose their interest in first few lines they will stop reading your blog.
  • 5) Organise your content : Your content should be organised in a manner that the lines should be interlinked with each other. If your blog is lengthy then break it down into small sections. Provide suitable sub-headings to each section. One more thing to keep in mind the content should not be copy paste from other blogs.
  • 6) Write your blog : Now comes the final action to write your blog. Ensure that your blog should not contain any grammatical mistakes.
  • 7) Give visual appearance : You can add images to your blog so that it can be more appealing to the readers. Please make sure that the images should be either self created or open source images. Copyright images are strictly prohibited in the blog.