How To Get Your EPF Details on Your Mobile

Hi friends, today I came up with a very simple step to get your EPF account statement/details on your mobile in a minute without any help from other people/website portals.

If you have a PF account and you have registered UAN No#, there would be no need to go to any EPF Portal. Any time you can get details like the contribution for the current month and the current balance in your EPF account.

Nowadays where everything is going digital, all banking and government services are open to the public via digital platforms. Many people can use these services as per their abilities and knowledge, but still, most people are not able to use these digital services because of less knowledge or lack of awareness.

Some essential services are required by maximum people whether they are technically sound or not. The government also understands this kind of technology gap. Just why they provide the easiest way by which citizens of India can leverage this kind of service.

EPF account is one of them, and most people who are in a job have an EPF account where the contribution ratio is 50:50 by employee and employer.

Each month a small part of your salary is used to contribute to your EPF account and due to the high interest rate, the balance of the account looks good in a couple of years.

There was a tedious task to get EPF account details. a few years ago where each company managed employees' PF accounts separately. But after the centralized, Employees Provident Fund by the government of India, a single account will be for the entire career of life. There is no need to create a new EPF account for every newly joined company and close the old account.

So benefit of that we can leave this EPF account without touching money until we get any emergency money and also get compound interest over account balance.

So the people who own this service can get their account details/statements via the online EPF Portal. But most people did not want to go to these types of portals frequently, there would be many reasons for it. But the government has one more easy way to get your EPF account details in a minute that is PF miss call service.

If you want to get your EPF account details, just make a call on 011-2290-1406 from your registered mobile number.

After 2-3 rings your call will be cut automatically and within a min, you will get your account details with current balance, last contribution details, etc on your mobile.

It is 100% authentic and managed by the Indian Government body. So just dial EPF Toll Free Number 01122901406 from your registered mobile number and get your EPF account details via SMS on your mobile number. No need to go to any online EPF Portal.

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